Who is choi minho dating whos dating rachel armstrong in summer bay

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It was quite awkward and nerve-wracking at first but after 10 times, Sulli was really comfortable with it and didn't make a big deal about it.

So I tried to follow her example." Regarding their chemistry, he added, "My character is a little rash and cold so sometimes I'm like that to her in real life, which I have to apologize for.

SHINee fans have allegedly egged the car of SHINee’s stylist, Choi Minhye, which is creepy not only for the action itself, but for the work required to figure out which car was hers and where it would be at. Well, apparently Minho specifically thanking her during SHINee’s ‘Golden Disk Awards‘ speech was the final straw, because the fandom have been suspicious that the two have been an item for a while and were upset the pair appeared to be flaunting the relationship or something.

#Never Forget —– Update Found this explanation from a SHINee fan on One Hallyu that explains the situation better and seems to match up with what most are saying about it.

tbh i doubt it was about them dating (that rumor has been flying around since who knows when)if it /was/ done by shinee fans then it's probably because fans have been complaining about shinee's outfits LOLthere were so many complaints about their outfits at gda that minhye started trending on twitter.