Who is alexander skarsgard dating eco spirit dating

Hollywood is currently enjoying the visual good vibes of two Alex's dating - Alexander Skarsgard and Alexa Chung.This is not the first time that two celebrities who have the same first names dated each other, as Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have done it before, but unfortunately, their relationship eventually fizzled out.

“We were shooting out in the desert 24 hours ago,” he told the Daily News.

“It’s a bit of a culture shock being here,” he added.

But he’s been suspiciously silent recently, and the photo-op activity has died down.

Meanwhile, Alexa and Alexanderwho have been very low-key and undercover for the past two years – have suddenly resurfaced, and don’t mind getting photographed.

However, putting aside the fact that Alexa and Alexander have now been dating since 2015 (or have broken up and gotten back together), there is still the question of Chris Martin’s reaction to all this.