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A couple of weeks ago, while dining with a friend in Jakarta’s Chinatown district of Glodok, he jabbed excitedly at his phone, declaring he had hit the mother lode of We Chat.

Unfamiliar with the app, I requested an explanation.

This crackdown comes soon after popular car booking service Uber had its public account blocked for incentivizing the sharing of its posts.

It has become fashionable to invoke Xi as a International Tencent and Alibaba Are Engaged in a Massive Battle in China I spent most of last week in Guangzhou with Time Inc.

colleagues making arrangements for December’s Fortune Global Forum.

If you look up the online profiles of these beautiful women, you can find extensive biographies detailing their personal information including when they got their break in the entertainment industry, the awards they have won and the names of the magazines and films in which they have featured.

There are pictures of them looking glamorous at red-carpet events.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has vowed to crack down on sexually explicit pictures and text, including nude photos and erotic stickers (rendering 85 percent of our sticker collections illegal ...) and stories of “one-night stands, wife-swapping, sexual abuse, and other harmful information” on We Chat, engadget reports.