Vmware snapshots not consolidating

This is the ESXi server which has the lock on the VMDK file.Next locate which ESXi host has a network adaptor with that MAC address.If I go to snapshot manager I see the point where I am now and the last point which is marked as 'before increasing space', So, I need to click consolidate OR click on the old snapshot and delete to maintain current state of machine?

vmware snapshots not consolidating-81

You can initiate a consolidation of the VMDKs manually by right clicking on the VM and selecting Snapshot -- Consolidate.

However the consolidate operation may fail again, if the issue which caused the snapshot deletion operation to fail disk consolidation previously has not been cleared.

For more information, see Consolidating snapshots in ESX/ESXi 3.x and 4.x (1007849) or Consolidating snapshots in v Sphere 5.x (2003638).

For virtual machines that are not reported to have snapshots in the VMware v Sphere or Infrastructure Client, commit or remove the snapshot delta disks.

Once confirmed I placed the host in maintenance mode, DRS v Motioned all VMs to another host in the cluster and restarted the hostd service.


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