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INFO: Preparing to install [‘ESX350-200911202-UG’]… INFO: Downloading VMware-esx-scripts-3.5.0-207095.i386.rpm… INFO: Checking disk space and running test transaction…

INFO: — TOTALS: 0 packages installed, 1 pending or failed, 0 removed, 0 excluded — INFO: Test install of [‘ESX350-200911202-UG’] succeeded.

so let’s just apply (test first) this single fix using the esxupdate B parameter (bundle)..

esxupdate -d ftp://1.194/nfsshare/VMware/Patch Repository/ESX3.5 -b ESX350-200911202-UG –test update INFO: Configuring…

We have already seen few posts upgrade ESXi to 5.5 using Command Line and Inplace upgrade of ESXi 5.5 but this post is going to explain you step by step procedure to upgrade your ESXi 5.5 host to ESXi 5.5 using Update Manager Upgrade baseline.


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