Trend micro stuck updating

What I like to do is that I add a particular folder like my download folder or the folder where I am using a crack file to the exclusion rule be it any security suite that I use.Though most of the crack or patch never get false positives by Norton from what I have experienced yet you tell that by never using any of their recent products.

trend micro stuck updating-84

Can someone please give me some hints about this before I pull all my hair out of my head?

OK so this has been going on for over a month now and Trend Micro can't give me any answers!

I tried all the suggestions from here still could not make it update.

I also tried to use i AU relay to download update manually, I could download the update successfully to my server but when I changed update source to UNC path (\\myserver\updatelocation), it always gives me an error "unable to save the update settings due to update already in progress. Manual update gave me similar error saying update is in progress.

Problem is, i already was connected to the internet. Download and save the Trend Micro Anti Virus plus Anti Spyware 2008 installer. Note: If you are using Windows Vista, a message may appear saying "A program needs your permission to continue". Wait as the following is checked: - Virus & Spyware - Minimum system requirements - Other anti-virus or anti-spyware program installed in your computer - Older version of Trend Micro installed in your computer 6. Click the Install button to start the installation process. The Installation Complete window will be displayed. The installation, including activation, is now complete. When I went to update trend micro, it still said "unable to fix". Date: Fri, 0800 From: [email protected]: RE: [SR #:1-122087265] RE: [RCC: US] Solution Bank - Question TO : [email protected] Valued Client, I understand that you are still having problems with the update.


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