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Traditional Jews long understood that the home is not just a dorm and restaurant: It is the center of the child's world, and it is the heart of the family. Following in their ancestors' footsteps, traditional Jews guard their hearts, carefully sifting through their generation's popular culture before allowing it through the front door.

In this way, subsequent generations either became enriched or impoverished for...

The virtually infinite variations on life are the fruit of the evolutionary process.

There is evidence of human habitation during the Stone Age of course, but it has been believed to be a period of survival and self preservation.

Civilizations, which consist of human beings living in societies of religious worship, scientific advancements, and a political process have previously been thought to go as far back as the Sumerians (around 5000 BC).

Then, if the spell begins to fade, the mind begins to wander.


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    Only Walter Payton has more TD passes among running backs since the 1970 merger.

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