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After an unsuccessful attempt at winning a date as Alexander Hamilton, my mind wandered to how I could use this concept in the classroom. While a bit silly, I thought it would be a fun way to get my Freshmen to understand more about their differences and why one might be on Team Jefferson or Team Hamilton.As I often do, I shared the initial concept on my tumblr site (also below) and then sent it out to the world via Twitter.The following week, I gave my students this homework assignment for a long weekend (after explaining the concept of the Dating Game as it was foreign to my 9th graders).

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Things escalate, leading to the illness of the girls' mother, so the two brothers decide to further themselves from this problem and go study abroad. Even though he is still in love with his ex wife, he starts dating and gets engaged with Washita.

On the day of his engagement to Wasitha, Piraya shows up and announces that he is her husband, since they were married in Spain, years earlier.

Relationship with your spouse is often different from what i have been married a little.

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Panat is the oldest son of Preemsuda who works as a secretary for Piraya's father, Peeradayt, a government official.