Smugmug smart galleries not updating

Every photographer needs a good way to show off his photos.

As you know, social networking and a pretty portfolio are very important to me, so I think we have a good balance of both with Smug Mug. First, many people simply just want to sit back and see something pretty flowing into their world. However, that does NOT mean that I prefer to use clunky interfaces and badly designed websites! I don’t have time to read manuals, help pages, and go back and forth on forums to figure out how to do something.

Your opinion may differ – but I went through a long decision-making process for this. Second, other more “clicky” people will want the power to quickly move around and surf throughout the portfolio on their own. Of course, the view is customizable to the gallery owner, so you may choose something different. Creating an account on Smug Mug was very simple, and getting my photos up was a piece of cake.

$('#your Element')Gallery('get Select Mode'); // enter/leave the selection mode, and set the kind.

$('#your Element')Gallery('set Select Mode', true|false|'album'|'image'); // returns the current selected items (array).

Of course, you can also upload right from your computer in the usual way, or by using i Photo, Lightroom, Aperture, or any other major program.