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The staff composition of Catholic schools has similarly been turned on its head, from some 90 percent female religious in the ’50s to less than 5 percent today (see Figure 1).

“The school system had literally been built on their backs,” reported Anthony Bryk, Valerie Lee, and Peter Holland in their 1992 study , “through the services they contributed in the form of the very low salaries that they accepted.” Consequently, costs have soared; average annual tuition has gone from next to nothing to more than $2,400 in elementary schools and almost $6,000 in high schools.

Sometimes they attend other schools; other times they sign up for other electives, such as a new language, art or music. “We have to make a decision.”Under the strain of the district’s ongoing budget deficit, eliminating courses would also save the district money.

That was the case for 63 students this year, Kully added.“How do we build a program that is sustainable so that it is not limping along, ragged? About eight full-time equivalent employees teach immersion programs at Glendale Unified middle and high schools, at an annual cost of $800,000.

The Archdiocese of Hartford is considering closing or merging close to 100 parishes as it grapples with aging buildings, fewer Catholic households and a looming shortage of priests. But he said major changes are needed to ensure the church's financial stability and strengthen the Catholic community in Connecticut."There's been a change in population," Shanley said.