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It's hard to miss those Bay Area billboards claiming that 1 in 5 children has been sexually solicited online, although only a tiny fraction of those involve aggressive solicitations from someone believed to be over age 25.

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We are NOT experts, we are NOT trained financial advisors, and we are NOT stock gurus.

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In that audio, Trump discusses a failed attempt to seduce a woman, whose full name is not given in the video. The tape was recorded several months after he married his third wife, Melania. It’s no excuse, but this happened eleven years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along.


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    He was then threatened with a knife and told: 'If you move you're going to get stabbed'.

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    ” “It could be worse, you know.” “Everything happens for a reason.” “It’s all part of a larger plan.” “You’re only given what you can handle.” “All you need to do is think positive.” “Half the battle is the mindset.