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Through her book, she hopes to share her experience with others so as to reduce the shame and stigma associated with addiction and bipolar disorder diagnosis and treatment. Mary Weiland was born and raised in San Diego, California, and at age 15, she was selected out of approximately 40,000 young girls across America to appear in a special issue of Seventeen magazine.David Van Nuys: Welcome to Wise Counsel, a podcast interview series sponsored by, covering topics in mental health, wellness, and psychotherapy. Soon after, she became emancipated and began an 18-year modeling career, represented by some of the most prestigious agencies in the business.

Most critics even hailed No.4 as a more fitting album for what STP was known for, I mean "Down" is heavier than anything they ever did on any album. I DISAGREE (pulls away in car)Yeah, dont listen to that Mike, he makes the rest of us look bad. Dean actually looks pretty freaking close to Jim Morrison.

To the compaison of Zeppelin, I would eat you if I could, youre an idiot and obviously not a music intillectual since that was a stupid thing to say. STP are as much Zeppelin clones as DAvid Coverdale is a Plant ripp-off. "Interstate love song" sounds like "Travelling riverside blues" ( wich they stole from Robert Johnson.

While Weiland was currently on tour with his new band The Wildabouts, both he and the band achieved their greatest success when he was still a member of the group.

Despite several reunions over the years, Weiland’s relationship with the other members of the group was often contentious and rocky, with numerous public fallings-out and accusations of bad behavior flying between them.

I knew it was about Scott's marital woes, but 4 me it's about the day I leave my parents. At the time of its release, Rock was in a downward spiral and there were very few bands pulling their weight.


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