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For ,000 and up, Etsy seller Ultra Violet Production House will ship you a black leather sofa, sewing supplies, white paint pens, and punk band-patches, along with instructions for affixing the latter to the former to make a sofa that looks like you skinned a herd of crustypunks and made a sofa out of their pelts.

News broke Thursday that Rita Ora and Travis Barker are now dating and the Blink-182 drummer isn't shying from talking about the new relationship.

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Are dick length arguments any less silly than debating who could ace a pregnancy test?

The final tale of dating life perils, “Siri, Open Tinder,” addresses the potential cultural cesspool that is online dating apps. “Cool Mom” is the height of Shapiro’s guitar work on the album and makes a teenager’s ideal parent sound like an unsavory adult. Let’s be bad, just for tonight.” Overdone turn-of-the-century nostalgia gets lampooned, too: Childbirth’s track “Will You Let the Dogs in” is about actual dogs.

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Three of the next four tracks take aim at less-than-desirable men.