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There are other more frivolous polls posted but at least this one has some historical precedent. ) day, tradition required the hike to be optionally naked.Even Colin Fletcher, the hiking guru, has admitted to have done it. i remember hearing about it on the trail while i was hiking in late july this year.

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Hiking out in nature without clothes provides a level of freedom that may exceed that of hanging out at a nudist resort pool or nude beach.

Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA, provided the setting for our first experience with real nude hiking - legally and within the grounds of a gated nudist resort who adheres to the standards of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

My most memorable one was sitting beside the Pinhoti in Alabama in February. Then he could begin charging an admission price for access to the "adult" version and, assured of an income, dedicate more time to hiking...

I had got pretty acclimated to the cold weather during an ice storm and nights in the single digits. You don't suppose this has been his long-range plan all along, do you?

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