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The main spotting feature is the difference in length between the two models - the SD60's 71 feet, 2 inches vs. The SD70 also rides higher as its frame is approximately inch (13 mm) higher than the SD60's.

This model is equipped with direct current (DC) traction motors, which simplifies the locomotive's electrical system by obviating the need for computer-controlled inverters (as are required for alternating current (AC) power).

For instance, if 60 percent of the miles a vehicle travels are in South Dakota and the remaining 40 percent in Minnesota, 60 percent of the prorate license cost will be based on South Dakota’s fee schedule and the remaining 40 percent on Minnesota’s fee schedule.

A recent law change specifies that certain wastewater dispersal products qualify for a sales tax exemption.

full details Exemption is effective July 1 and applies to sales and purchases on or after that date.