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Authorities are also searching for De Allen Washington in connection to the case. a.m.

update: Authorities confirm that 6-year-old Kingston Frazier was found dead in Madison County.

The vice-principal had, before the dance, received information from several students that M. The compelling nature of the information and the credibility of these or other sources must be assessed by the school authority in the context of the circumstances existing at the particular school.

M., a vice-principal conducted a body search on a student attending a school dance, and found a bag of marijuana in the student’s socks. Courts should recognize the preferred position of school authorities to determine if reasonable grounds existed for the search.(4) The following may constitute reasonable grounds in this context: information received from one student considered to be credible, information received from more than one student, a teacher’s or principal’s own observations, or any combination of these pieces of information which the relevant authority considers to be credible.

The most common form of searches at school is, perhaps, a locker search. If you are living on a low income you may be eligible for free legal help.