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By 1880, the club had set up home at Mount Pleasant, and was joined by other local sportsmen, including rugby players who had set up Batley RFC – later to become known as 'The Gallant Youths'. Louis Hall was probably Batley’s first hero – a prolific batsman who had a reputation for being dour in his run scoring.On 17 September 1883 Mount Pleasant, Batley, hosted its first and last first-class fixture, between T. He was a thin, wiry man with a lived-in face and a fierce, drooping moustache.When Sarah first meets Lydia, who was the first girl with short hair to ever live in Chester, the beginnings of the relationship were quite positively portrayed.

Known as the Batley Giant despite his average size, his characteristic upright stance belied his real height.

Hall scored 9,757 runs for Yorkshire in first class matches at an average of 23.28 with nine centuries.

The historians reckon that cricket was first played in Batley in the 1840s, although the probability is that it started earlier in some form.

One key date in the emergence of cricket in Batley was documented when an All England XI visited Batley in 1862 and beat the home side by 62 runs.

Both of the Barnes girls have died – I’m joining Loui (Batley, who played Sarah) in her fate!