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The birth was a scary time for Jackson because Harry was born premature and could fit into the palm her hand, but he is now a healthy baby.“I’ll protect that kid, there’s no two ways about it, he’s going to have more than enough love around him,” she said.“Things have changed for sure, for the better.

Sparkling from the rings and necklaces of wives and girlfriends, so heavy with rocks they could plunge towards the red carpet.

Last night, the 2008 Beijing Olympics officially ended with the Closing Ceremony, another big show by Zhang Yimou.

During the show, all of the athletes entered the Birds Nest stadium and gathered on the field.

For many Chinese watching, they saw an interesting thing happen between Yao Ming, China’s basketball star, and Lauren Jackson, a women’s basketball player from Austrailia: This morning, there were many topics about Yao Ming and Lauren Jackson on all of the major China BBS forums.