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The series ended on December 16, 2007, with the third season being the final season.Reruns of the show ended on Nickelodeon on June 2008. A song-writing middle schooler, Addie Singer (Roberts) dealt with all the horrors of growing up, including braces, awkward group dates, and puberty.

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A born-again Christian who gave Kerry up for adoption after giving birth as a teenager.

Alexandra Shipp: For me, it wasn’t necessary about filling anyone’s shoes. Just going on the field, it definitely was nerve-wracking, especially when you have those who are in bands. Leonard Roberts said that during the first film, he immersed himself in a music academy to get prepared. A lot of them worked on the first movie and some of them were in it as well. In the first movie, they had like four or five months of training whereas we had two weeks, so it was a crazy bootcamp drill, learning marching and the cadences.

I know that a lot of people will see it as Dani filling Nick’s shoes, but they are completely different people. You have to be willing to accept the experience and let us in. We were trying to make the moves as accurate as possible because that was our goal and we had really great coaches.

The arc began with new-to-town Veronica dipping her toe into the Riverdale High dating pool, accepting a night out with Chuck Clayton (Jordan Calloway), a strapping football star who has a reputation as a player. Betty suggests going to the principal, but Ronnie outright rejects the idea because the school would obviously take the side of the their golden boy over the new girl from a criminal family. “I don’t follow the rules,” the raven-haired fury asserts, shoving Kevin into a locker to clear her path, “I make them, and when necessary I break them. Despite that being a painful truth for Betty, she defends her friend, declaring, “That is beyond irrelevant, Chuck. The next day, Veronica comes to school a bit defeated, embarrassed by the scandal, wounded by cyber bullying.