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To describe Bowfinger, it is a stupid idiotic film, which works. Steve Martin (who wrote the film) plays the part of a hopeless director perfectly. Heather Graham was again at her sexy best as Daisy.

While the other main star Eddie Murphy, again pulls off another great double as both Kit and Jiff Ramsey. The other stand out actor for me in this film was Terrence Stamp. That's right he was General Zod and in Bowfinger he is Terry Stricter, Kit's Councillor. A final mention to one star, but with four legs, Mindy (aka Betsy) who was used perfectly.

First, Jean Doumanian took over as producer, with a new group of actors and writers who were divided on what made Saturday Night Live special.

The sketches during Doumanian’s regime tended to be pointlessly raunchy, while the cast was split between those who assumed the show would be a launching pad to Chevy Chase/John Belushi/Bill Murray-level movie fame, those who were trained in improv and thus committed to the craft of sketch comedy as an end in itself, and those who wanted to carry on the upstart legacy of the original SNL.

He has a small stable of followers who support his vision in being part of this movie, which eventually includes Daisy as the lead actress, she a stereotypical small town girl looking to make it big in Hollywood.

Having just arrived in town, she does not know her way around the Hollywood system,... Bobby is not averse to telling bald-faced lies in his singular focus...

Sometimes a single TV episode can exemplify the spirit of its time and the properties that make television a unique medium. Once, Saturday Night Live was daring and dangerous, but then the writers and cast started leaning on catchphrases and one-joke characters, aping the lame old variety shows that they originally meant to upend.