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One of Iceland’s most famous painters, Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval, once worked on his canvases there, perhaps magnetized by the charm of the terrain’s craggy natural relics.

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She calls herself a “poetician” When she isn’t planning a new world order she “looks holistically at art and poetry, bringing new perspectives”.

Her first book was published when she was 20 then she “dived into the internet and hasn’t been out of there since”.

No jocks, smokers or brothers: An online database is letting people on the tiny island of Iceland (population approximately 318,000, or less than Halifax) double-check that they aren’t about to date a distant family member.

Islendingabok, or the Book of Icelanders, tracks 1,200 years worth of the country’s genealogical data. “When you live in an isolated nation with a population roughly the size of Pittsburgh, accidentally lusting after a cousin is an all-too-real possibility.” The site alerts Icelanders to familial overlap and also reveals ties to Bjork: One man learned that his ex-wife was his seventh cousin – not technically incest – and that he was related to the eccentric singer seven generations back.

“He’s a cheerful man and is getting the hang of his job,” the news reports.