Humor dating dating for 2 and a half years

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The following bit is a good example of the Seinfeld strategy:"If you give comedians a choice between saying something insightful, to change the way people see the world, without making anyone laugh, and telling a bunch of jokes that don't say much but do make people laugh," he said, "a comedian will always take the laughs.""When people say they're looking for someone with a 'good' sense of humor, they mean a well-matched sense of humor," said Mc Graw.

"You shouldn't just have an arsenal of jokes that everyone finds funny.

Thus humor incompatibility is a very real thing between couples and the same could apply in your case too.

In other words, it is possible that your date does not lack a sense of humor but rather a sense of humor that matches yours and this can make all the difference between a happy and unhappy relationship.

Someone can have a sense of humor, but if it doesn't match yours, you're not going to find similar things funny.