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There are several varieties of portraits, including: the traditional portrait of an individual, a group portrait, or a self portrait.In most cases, the picture is specially composed in order to portray the character and unique attributes of the subject.Clint’s first production was another western, “Hang ‘Em High’, a critical and commercial success, and then he starred in and wrote the score for a musical western – “Paint Your Wagon”(1969) with Lee Marvin and Jean Seberg.

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He had a variety of jobs before becoming an actor, working as a lifeguard, grocery clerk, golf caddy, paper carrier, forest firefighter, before being drafted by the United States Army in 1951 and appointed as a swimming instructor in Fort Ord in California.

Clint survived when a military ‘plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean, and he and other survivors swam three miles (five kms) to shore. Eastwood’s first major television role was as Rowdy Yates in over 200 episodes of the Western TV series “Rawhide” from 1959 to 1965, starting on $750 per episode, but receiving a payout of $120,000 when the series ended.

• About Portrait Art • History • Characteristics • Types • Religious Portraits • Historical Portraits • Celebrity Portraits • Nude Portraits • Vanity Portraits • A Brief Review of the Development of Portraiture • Greatest Portrait Paintings • Portrait Photography In fine art, a portrait can be a sculpture, a painting, a form of photography or any other representation of a person, in which the face is the main theme.

Traditional easel-type portraits usually depict the sitter head-and-shoulders, half-length, or full-body.

In November 1847, Fort Buenaventura was purchased by the Mormon settlers for $1,950.


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