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But wait, this technique has some limitations, Sub Join And Merge() ‘joins all the content in selected cells ‘and puts the resulting text in top most cell ‘then merges all cells Dim output Text As String Const delim = ” “ On Error Resume Next For Each cell In Selection output Text = output Text & cell.

However, I’ve written several tutorials (such as here and here) that have to do with PDF and, more particularly, with the topic of converting PDF files to Excel.

The reason why I write about PDF is relatively straightforward: PDF is one of the most widely used file formats.

This particular Excel tutorial also focuses on the topic of working with Excel and PDF files.

The actual mechanics of creating this chart are incidental to the discussion, but we’ll use the following simple data and chart (named “Chart 1”, the default name of the first chart created in a worksheet). In this example, the range B14: C16 is used to hold primary X and Y axis scale parameters for the embedded chart object named “Chart 1”.