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And typically I am,” Wahlberg admitted on CBS’ “The Talk” on Monday (Nov. “They always do this question on ‘Family Feud.’ Survey says, how long should you wait before you call someone when they give you their number? “And it always says one or two days, but I think it’s more like one or two weeks.” Wahlberg was then met with boos and shocked gasps from the audience, and he went on to clarify his argument.

“It’s the only way guys have to play it because once we call, it’s over.

And I watched you do this with a smile on your face, and with unconditional love in your heart, with no sleep in your tired bones,” she continued.

Jenny concluded, “Never in my life have I met anyone who has gone out of their way physically, emotionally, spiritually and lovingly for the sake of others.

Jenny Mc Carthy is definitely husband Donnie Wahlberg‘s biggest fan!