Dating south australia

I am interested in expanding what I do for ministry and am looking for someone who is interested I'm Trinny. I am a Christadelphian and I would prefer to find a Christadelphian woman but a Christian woman is fine too as long as you have an open mind when it comes to the bible. I am looking for a male companion/friend with view to a long term relationship/marriage who shares my faith, principals, morals and values, if that is you, then please contact me.

And Volunteer at the mental illness fellowship of south australia. I'm looking for a woman who I can call my best friend, companion and life partner. I enjoy the same things most people do, like having a nice meal, watching a movie, having a great conversation with friends and family.

I am looking for the right girl, someone that is non judgemental. I will love and cherish my girl everyday of my life. I am a funny, honest, caring and down to earth bloke who loves the Lord with everything I have. I am heavily involved with ministry and my local church. I have been single all my life, therefore, I am only interested in marrying a virgin. I also like BBQs in summer and going camping even though i have not managed to go much lately. I love chatting when I am comfortable with someone but i also can enjoy the peace of someone's company.

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all sorts, try to play the guitar but dont get much opportunity.