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Please contact us if you have any queries before an event. To make new friends and opportunity to arrange to do some interesting things. Common interests and days out and ideas that I might not have done otherwise. Spring 2014Heloise: I joined BS in August 2016 because I was back in my hometown after living abroad and wanted to meet new friends in the area.

Our meetup fees cover the cost of the website and due annually in February or after your 3rd event. Our event organisers run events free of charge and do so for the fun of it. It's been absolutely brilliant; there's always something going and everyone I've met has been lovely!

Only 30 of the machines have been made and The Barkers’ is believed to be the first in the UK.

Raw milk is said to have enhanced taste and nutritional value but critics say it is not completely safe because it’s not pasteurised – heated and rapidly cooled to kill bacteria.

Ian said: “I am extremely excited to have my son back on the farm, working alongside me.