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And that led to a dating horror story for one Boston woman. We were snapchatting, we spent a week talking, and then I was like I should look him up,” and what Julie Nashawatay discovered left her speechless.“He had just gotten arrested for a robbing a Brookline bank,” she said.

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"Some guys come from behind the house," Darrington said.

"You've got two of them show up and put a gun in your face." Darrington said during the first crime in February and that the suspects opened fire when the victim took off running in that case. While the shots missed the man, the suspects stole his car.

Police believe the total number of crimes is closer to a dozen and that other victims have not yet come forward.

Police said if you plan to meet someone you do not know, be sure to meet in a well-lit area where there are lots of people.

BOSTON (CBS) – Making a match through online dating can be a home run or a complete disaster.