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If you go to Tunisia, wander the streets of the capital Tunis, you will see women in public spaces, coffee shops and restaurants who seem to be enjoying their lives.

If you go to schools and universities, you will notice that women make up half of the faculty staff and female students outnumber their male counterparts.

I have been told that about 2-3 Tunisian girls marry British citizens in Tunisia a year!

Now for those gentlemen who wish to know here is the information required as I have found it and it is a little different from what is on the British Embassies website as they have placed on there what has been agreed with the ministry in Tunisia and that is not always how it pans out (as different town halls change their mind to suit how they feel at the time it seems).

My advice to you: Don't be fooled by the reports of western media and politicians praising the new constitution.