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On the ride out to the hotel, up through those wild steeps, you pick up a pair of hitchhikers, a couple so giddy with love that you almost throw them out of the car. And every hour, like clockwork, you say that you’re , and asks you to move from the Harlem apartment that you two share when you’re not teaching in Boston. You even show up at her apartment at odd hours, and at her job downtown, until finally her little sister calls you, the one who was always on your side, and she makes it plain: If you try to contact my sister again, she’s going to put a restraining order on you. Our bucket list of traveling destinations is definitely long. The idea is to “travel the world” together, visiting a different destination each month. ) With a little creativity, you can turn your living room or bedroom into another country and pretend like you’re going off on a spontaneous, whirlwind getaway.

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Or maybe you want to surprise him with a little extra love… If you have a printer, scissors, glue, and pen- then you have everything you need! Just wait until you see what she’s hooking you up with…

We asked Courtney from All Things Bright and Beautiful to design these for us and we were seriously BLOWN AWAY with what she created. I came up with the idea when I was trying to think of an inexpensive, but meaningful gift for my husband.

I love his "tough love" - because sometimes it's hard to see how much power we actually have, and because so many "gurus" are afraid to say the truth about men and relationships.

If you've been frustrated and confused about why your relationships aren't working the way you want them to - this book will change your love life.

In fact, people over 50 are one of the fastest growing segments.


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    Desire is delightfully competitive without being overly complicated.

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