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Andorra, historically, was a rural microstate whose population oscillated between four thousand and six thousand inhabitants.In the second half of the twentieth century, as it became a large international commercial center, the nation received larger migratory populations and developed into a multicultural society. Andorra has a total land surface of 181 square miles (468 square kilometers) making it slightly less than five times the size of the city of Barcelona.

It's also a nation of superb old medieval churches, many of them untouched by time.

Skiers and snowboarders flock to the small town of Encamp, a base for the Pas de la Casa and the Grau Roig Ski Area.

Bears are shy creatures, easily frightened by people.

.) passed through the Pyrenees Mountains en route to Rome.

His story touched his countrymen, and he became an icon of the sport, not only in Spain but all over the world—a fresh, genuine, cheerful champion enjoying life riding a bike.