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Lately we've seen a string of movies involving mature, horny ladies, most of them forgettable disasters.

I was unsure about this one, but all things put together, it was an enjoyable movie.

There are more than 3500 churches in Sweden and the Swedish Church (Svenska Kyrkan) says it has 6.3 million members in a country just shy of 10 million people.

Before 1996, children whose parents were members of the Swedish Church were automatically enrolled at birth.

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    All CHRI in New Hampshire is confidential, and is disseminated under the authority of Revised Statute Annotated (RSA) 106-B: 14, and Administrative Rule Saf-C 5700.

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    Ed learned the fundamentals of mechanics by working with the Model T Fords and later adapted the overhead conversion by Frontenac (more commonly known as Fronty), as well as the George Riley head known to the racers in those days as the "multi-flathead." Experiencing repeated crankshaft failure, Ed began searching for an engine with a stronger lower end.

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    Osment's parents have described his childhood as a "good old-fashioned Southern upbringing".