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"Down East" Lobster Roll Chunks of Maine Lobster meat, blended with our own seasoned mayonnaise, in a true New England style roll .99 * * Double Lobster Roll .99 * * Batter Dipped Fish Fry A LARGE, moist and flaky Pollock filet .99 Crab Cake Platter A platter of our own homemade crab cakes .99 Crab Cake Sandwich One of our homemade crab cakes on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and onion .99 New England Fried Clams Tender strips of clams, dipped in a sweet breading .99 Boat Load of Shrimp A POUND of mini breaded shrimp (tail on) .99 Too much?Get a dinghy size portion (1/2 lb.) .99 All meals come with your choice of: french fries, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, fruit salad, or applesauce.

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Opened in 1921, it was a secret for years - you had to be "in the know" to go.

The secret's out - try the veal parmigiana and banana cream pie.

With more than 2 million spectacular lights on a mile-long course, it’s a must-see holiday attraction for the entire family.

The Wanderers Car Club of New Jersey was started in 1988 by Michael Cecchini.

Returned to USA 24445 (97th BG, 340th BS, "Southern Belle") shot down by Hptm. 24450 (5th BG, 72nd BS, "My Lovin' Dove") damaged over Nauru and ditched Feb 9, 1943. 24455 (5th BG, 63rd BS, "Old Baldy") returned to USA late 1943.