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Having said that Italian women feel entitled to x-ray their man before he goes out lecturing him on what to wear and how to wear it.

In my case it is not just myself as even my mother puts her : “You won’t let him go out dressed like that, will you?!

Although it’s the heaviest we tried, it’s nice and quiet and, handily, the cable can be retracted into the base for easy storage. Morphy Richards Accents Hand Mixer: £49.95, This is a heavy mixer but it’s comfortable to hold and you’ll quickly get the knack of releasing the attachments. Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer: £99.99, uk If you can’t quite justify buying one of Kitchen Aid’s Bake-Off-famous Artisan stand mixers, this one has all the retro looks and top notch quality, without the price tag or the large worktop footprint.

It’s equally good at whisking, mixing and kneading and there’s a turbo boost button for when you need a quick boost of power. The nine speeds make it great for tasks requiring a little precision, too. Judge Twin Blade Hand Mixer: £24.99, uk It might not have as much oomph as some, nor does it feel quite as durable, but if you don’t need all the bells and whistles and aren’t going to be using it daily, this is particularly good for the money.

The topping bakes right into the cake and makes for a very flavorful dessert.