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He’s trying to outthink Chase, expecting that Chase will expect he’ll want to keep them both close. Interestingly enough, it’s Malcolm who talks some sense into Oliver. Oliver goes back to confront Adrian and he threatens to have all of Oliver’s loved ones killed if he gets transferred to Idaho that night. Every time Kovar touches one of Oliver’s scars, he remembers when he got that scar and relives the pain. As always, I enjoy your recaps, but this part made me giggle especially: Did you just recently learn this Malcolm?

He urges Oliver to keep the people he loves close to him, because they keep his humanity intact. Oh, and by the way, you’re about to get a video call. The guilt he feels over all that he’s done is overwhelming. They are two celestial bodies, orbiting each other and drawn into the same orbit over time. I imagine we’ll get more confirmation of this new status in the finale, but I think for now, Olicity fans can take it easy, take a cleansing breath, and enjoy our ship being back together. I hear there’s some flashback scenes that might show the present, namely, Oliver’s mother.

Stephen Amell teased that a mysterious Arrow might "accidentally" kill Felicity's new beau.

"We meet him in episode one, he dies in act four," Amell laughed.

The pair talked out their problems as well as they could whilst bleeding out and being paralyzed, ending the ordeal by saving each other's lives and working as a team. Olicity has been a theme of controversy on Arrow for a few seasons being the couple's romance doesn't actually exist in the original Green Arrow comics from DC.