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I previously found out, and he confirmed, that his real name is Ahmed, he comes from Algeria, and is a cashier in a convenience store. He said that’s my choice, that “it’s not a big deal, trust me.” I asked him if he would ever consider marrying a non-Muslim. I asked if he would ever raise non religious children. He said he doesn’t blame me for thinking the way that I do, that the media gives us bad pics of Muslims. It’s only been 3 weeks but he has swept me of my feet. What if the man I see before me really doesn’t care about religion? (He speaks French because Algeria used to be a French colony, but Arabic is his first language.) He said I have to understand where he’s coming from, and I do, but some friends and family don’t. Algeria has an expansive Mediterranean coastline, but is also home to much of the Sahara Desert.

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I am 25 years old, an English future high school teacher, I do love nature, animals, rock music, photography and helping people, I am an open minded person who respect all people and teat them good. I play in the goalkeeper position I am 1'85 centimeters tall and I have a cheerful, athletic body that is always smiling, fun and Am a handsome good looking 31 years old man hard working and very submissive most of my time I do researches on history I also love sports I grew up in Cameroon and I have been to 4countries in Africa I am 1.

He even asked me if I had a credit card and how much money I had in the bank!!

Anyway , I continued to see him as I was lonely and had nothing else to do .

One week later and all of a sudden he said he wanted to marry me. He started being very nice and generous, paying for as much as he could. I was very naive, never had a boyfriend, and was very innocent(never had sexual relations).